Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fine Diamond Jewelry

If you are going to buy an engagement ring for your fiancee, you will need to choose the right shape for your fine diamond. There are many shapes for you to choose from so make sure you take your time to choose one that will suit the overall appearance of your ring or other fine diamond jewelry.

So what are the different shapes of a diamond? Many people get confused between the shape and cut of a diamond. Shape refers to the overall appearance of a particular diamond, be it oval, round, etc. For cut of a diamond, it refers to how the diamond itself is fashioned.

So let me just share with you some of the most common diamond shapes that are available on the market:

1. Pear - Shaped Diamond. Diamond with this shape can be usually found on pendants and earrings. It resembles the shape of a pear with a variety of colors available.

2. Oval - Shaped Diamond. This type of diamond usually gives the impression of a larger diamond and is well - liked by women with shorter fingers to wear as diamond rings.

3. Round - Shaped Diamond. Round diamond is the most expensive as well as the most popular among all the other shapes of diamonds. It is commonly used in earrings, rings, pendants and necklaces.

4. Heart - Shaped Diamond. It is the most romantic choice you can give to your lover. Heart - shaped diamonds are professionally cut and shapes can varied from gem cutter to gem cutter.

5. Emerald - Shaped Diamond. This type of diamond has rectangular corners and is usually bigger in size.

Before you choose the perfect diamond as your engagement ring, make sure that you seek out enough information about the worth and value of diamonds. It can make your purchase decision easier.

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