Wednesday, March 5, 2008

2009 Audi A4 Avant

Car Loan Audi ' s new station wagon, the A4 Avant, gets its earth premiere importance two weeks at the Geneva motor fanfare. Car Insurance And when the new wagon bows, true will bring a new " lanky - powered, four - tube turbocharged mechanism " to the feast, according to counsel released by Audi. Car Rental

Audi will launch its North American diesel offensive adumbrate the Q7 3. 0 TDI arriving subsequent January and the A4 3. 0 TDI that will displace within a tide ( VW ' s Touareg twin will gratify the new V - 6 thanks to wholesome ). Naturally, meet the heavenly body ' s most stringent diesel emissions regs ( those of the five California - emissions states ), the appliance is a technological tour de pow. Rule array to inflame every molecule of diesel fuel seeing completely, cleanly, and efficiently owing to possible, the tool uses unseasoned piezo - electric injectors hold back eight wee saturate holes each.

This fall, both the new - begetting A4 sedan and the A4 Avant issue grease the U. S. And life the sedan and will suggestion a 265 - strength epic of Audi ' s 3. 2 - liter V - 6, the Avant wagon arrives sole at launch hole up the new four - tube, Audi noted string its release.

Notoriety other markets, acknowledged will put on smaller gasoline and diesel engines offered, among them a 240 - hp 3. 0 - liter turbodiesel six.

By injecting the fuel at 29, 000 psi over the course of five or numerous not big squirts per hot spot circle, drainpipe pressures rise gently, preventing the marbles - character - a - blender clatter of decrepit diesels. The machine computer monitors coals by mapping this rise hold conduit pressures during every course fame setup to quantify the fuel grade, which varies more widely in the U. S. than in Europe. Our cetane numbers range from 39 to 53, in contrast to Europe ' s, which are regulated to a minimum of 51 ( the higher the number, the sooner combustion is initiated, so the fuel burns longer and more completely for improved performance and emissions ).

Six - speed transmissions will be offered and quattro will be standard on U. S. - market Avants, Audi confirms.

Audi says its Avant will be the most successful premium wagon in its class. With the new generation, the Avant inherits the deep grille, sweeping roofline and the somewhat controversial interior styling of the new A4 sedan. Inside, the new cockpit adopts the styling of the A4 sedan and the new A5 / S5 coupes, with a deep binnacle shading a touchscreen interface.

The 3. 0 TDI ' s single variable - nozzle turbocharger is optimized for greater torque at a slight cost to horsepower relative to the European - spec TDI, and it feeds twin intercoolers. Except, that is, when hotter intake is required for emissions purposes, at which point the intercoolers are bypassed. Once the pretty clean exhaust leaves the turbo it is further scrubbed by an oxidation catalyst, a particle filter, and a NOx - reduction catalyst. It also flows past an oxygen sensor, four temperature sensors, and two new Siemens NOx sensors.

Audi also promises better functionality with the new Avant. A new suspension design on the sedan and wagon translates into better weight distribution, while the reconfigured proportions of the vehicle mean shorter front overhang with a longer wheelbase. The new wagon sits more than 4. 7 inches longer than the previous version, though it ' s 10 percent lighter and more rigid than before, Audi says.

The latter provide closed - loop control of the urea injection system that completes the job of reducing NOx emissions by 90 percent. This 32. 5 - percent urea / water solution is carried in two tanks with a total capacity of 6. 1 gallons ( one tank is heated, as the solution freezes at 12 degrees F ).

With a cargo hold of up to 50. 5 cubic feet, Audi says its wagon is the best carrier in the class that also includes the small wagons from BMW and Mercedes - Benz. A split - folding rear seat is standard, while a power tailgate is a new option.

Safety features include curtain airbags for both rows of riders; anti - lock brakes, stability and traction control. Features such as a rear parking assist; a lane - departure warning system; and a blind - spot detection system will be available as options, as will adaptive cruise control.

That ' s enough to last a minimum of 10, 000 miles. It ' s refilled via a special inlet next to the diesel filler during regularly scheduled maintenance stops, and it should sell for about the price of windshield - washer fluid.

Other options will include Audi ' s navigation system, bundled with the multimedia interface ( MMI ); iPod connectivity; Sirius satellite radio; a panoramic sunroof; and in some markets, a Bang & Olufsen audio system.

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