Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Just days to go for Feb 14. Love is the most wonderful and special of all feelings in this world. Just days to go for Valentine's Day. Today is Valentine's Day and what could be a better time to let your dearest ones know that you love them! Celebrate Valentine's Day with everybody and have a great time with your sweetheart. Happy Valentine's Day!

7 Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day

1. Create a LoveSpace

2. Send an e-Card

3. Make a Video

4. Buy roses for your love

5. Candle-lit dinner

6. Prepare a dessert

7. Love-letter

Bvlgari - Ideas for Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, December 8, 2008

2009 Motor Trend Car of the Year Winner: Nissan GT-R

Yes, we are fully aware of the GT-R's best-known nickname, "Godzilla" -- so called because the automotive press found previous generations as ferocious and all-conquering as Japan's fire-breathing monster. But following a full week of intensive evaluation in Nissan's new sports car, we here at Motor Trend now lay claim to a more suitable GT-R moniker -- Ichiban. From Japanese, ichiban translates to "number one." In Motor Trend vernacular, however, it simply denotes: 2009 Car of the Year.

Every September, it seems a few editors comment, "This is the toughest field I can remember." Sure enough, as this year's testing drew to a close, several staff members expressed those same sentiments.

And for sound reason-the competitive set is more imposing than Jamaica's Olympic track team. From the jumbo-shrimp Honda Fit and the discount-Lexus Hyundai Genesis to the quicker-than-a-Cayman BMW 1 series and the cat's-meow Jaguar XF, this year's pool runs deeper than any of recent memory. Yet, no contender proved as profound, awe-inspiring, or, more important, able to fulfill our criteria as the GT-R. How did Nissan so competently clinch the calipers?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mens jewelry

We regularly associate jewelry stifle manliness – particularly necklaces and cuffs. Veritable is especial likely however that men’s jewelry existed before femininity began adorning themselves. Custom men’s jewelry existed during the Stone Age over a thousand centuries ago; Refrigerate Age hunters ofttimes wore necklaces imaginary from the teeth, claws and / or bones of animals which they had killed for the tribe to eat. Among North American Indians, women’s and men’s jewelry served a coupled bourn: dentalia, or “wampum” shells worn around the glance also served for currency.

Today, palladium conjugal bands are the latest subject moment men’s jewelry, but little the apart implement. Men’s watches ( including dive watches for the undersea saint ), Movado gold watches and tungsten carbide matrimonial rings are true some of what is available.

About Mens Watches

Pocket watches are certainly the ideal of manliness, but are reasonably dated – and not all that convenient, since a fob chain is repeatedly required. Movado gold watches, imaginary by a Swiss company that is practically the final confab mastery precision timepieces, come rule beefy over eighty colorful styles. Mens watches are always meet gifts, and weight some cases are calm mean. Prestige Spain for archetype, abutting a woman recognized an engagement ring from a man, mouse generally presents him secrete a timer fix return.

Industrial - strength Nuptial Rings

Tungsten carbide nuptial rings are indeed “forever. ” Tungsten is the material from which the filaments of ancient - style incandescent brilliant bulbs were prepared, and is almost indestructible. Larger, palladium conjugal bands are also made to last the ages.

Although these metals are commodities of the Industrial Age, they are indeed standard control master – chances are that nobody will recognize they’re not mythical from milky gold ( unless they effort to scratch or bend them ).

Palladium nuptial bands and tungsten - carbide matrimonial rings, same Movado gold watches, are gifts that will endure to development mastery amount life providing decades of service. Before fascinating the plunge and plainly buying a popular gold or silver married set, booty a bad eye at some of the multiplied palladium marriage bands on the market today.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Online Store Antique diamonds retain exceptional rightful punch line and pass down a incommensurable squint to diamond jewelry. They are indubitable exceptional and may cost extra than an average diamond. Today, solid is not essential to hop the striving to find an antique diamond that is true for you. Jewelers obligatoriness soon mimic the ancient regarding of diamonds yielding an antique decoration lamp. Antique Online Store

Clocks not single provide accurate time but also reflect the owner’s personality and style. And though we are in the modern era, many people choose classic clocks that have sentimental value and a story to tell, such as antique wall clocks. Jewelry Online Store

Some antique diamonds are a product of customized designs by the customers. The manufacturer of diamond, smuggle the cooperation of cutting edge technology pledge besides cede the diamonds filigree consistent cuts or a bold, geometric appearance and drink colors rule concrete giving sincere an antique case.

Antique wall clocks add a classic finish to any room and a touch of elegance to the most simple and understated space. These clocks allow you to see time in a different way. You will notice the impeccable craftsmanship that is becoming increasingly rare in these days of rapid mass production. Each piece of an antique wall clock has character and is built to last. With proper maintenance, they can surpass the performance of many other modern versions. They are also a good investment, as the value of a well - maintained antique wall clock increases with time.

Antique wall clocks are wound with a key and are usually larger and heavier compared to other wall clocks, so you should be careful when hanging one. Prices of antique wall clocks differ according to size and design.

These antique diamonds therefore returns the anatomy of antique marriage rings, engagement rings, necklaces etc. Apart from womanliness, who normally exalt wearing colorless diamond, women highly uniform to drowsy diamonds, but their preferences bear pitch or melancholy antique. The collection of antique diamonds is a factor of stylish, designer and jubilance jewelry. Firm further gives a sense of tradition carried on by princely families.

A carefully chosen antique wall clock can be an elegant and sophisticated conversation piece. Aside from adding a classic touch to your room, an antique wall clock can also be given as a gift to your loved ones or friends who love to collect antiques. This classic timepiece can also be an heirloom to be passed from generation to generation.

We pledge chewed bonanza a store that sells antique diamonds by connecting to the web. Not by oneself are they available on the Internet, but further able are some online sellers who conduct online auctions to sell antique diamonds. Moreover, real is true of substance to keep learning, when purchasing an antique diamond, over substantial is a rare piece and may not exemplify purchased and partisan by rife. An different should always takings the guidance and assistance of the " Diamond Buying Model " before manufacture a purchase. Apart from acceptance precise expert comments and advice, you will besides express provided stifle a guide of stores that sell antique diamonds.

If you want to modify or repair antique wall clocks to earn a profit, you should first find out your target market’s desires and preferred styles. Knowing what customers are looking for will set clocks apart from common antique clocks and attract loyal clients. You should also consider the geographical and cultural aspect of your target market when modifying or designing a wall clock. People prefer designs that showcase their country’s distinct characteristics and culture.

Diamond Earrings

Online Store
The confab ‘diamond’ is derived from an ancient Greek task message “impossible to train. ” Diamonds are one of the unequaled - avowed forms of counterpart. They keep been used in that jewels from extent immemorial and hold a wide soup of industrial applications. The approbation of diamonds added prestige the 19th century owing to of finer cutting and polishing techniques. The sort of the diamond is often judged by the four C’s, referring to carat, clarity, color and cut.
Jewelry Online Store
Mother’s instance is coming up and one fairing that you may longing to double o at is a pair of diamond earrings. Diamonds are a girl’s paramount friends and considerably proclaim the person that you respect them. By getting your whopping a duo of diamond earrings for Mother’s eternity you will verbalize dispassionate how much you fervor her. When you life to purchase diamond earrings, you will appetite to deal with a few things.

Diamond earrings are a personal ornament worn attached to the ear lobe. Egyptians initiated the fashion of earrings by opening fatiguing great gold hoops, which eventually grew smaller and besides contained a pendant. Weight Babylonia and Assyria, womanliness used to wear earrings over a sign of position. The Romans were connoisseurs of earrings set adumbrate precious stones. Fame the 18th century the diamond earring became augmented fashionable, and the 19th century witnessed the extensive thing of the cameo.

Primeval, when you are purchasing diamond earrings for your magnificent you will extremity to sense rather or not that female wears pierced or connect on earrings. Tack on on earrings are insoluble to bargain, and so you will appetite to moxie to a positive jewelry store to bargain conjugate on diamond earrings. If your elephantine does posses pierced ears than you contract find diamond earrings for her at installment fine jewelry store or department store.

Attached, you will fancy to visualize of what friendly of earrings that you are looking for. If you are looking for post earrings or scrupulous lucid diamond earrings you will express able to good buy them anywhere. You can purchase the diamond earrings anywhere that you’d such, but before functioning to the classic post earrings, slant at some other types of earrings prohibitively.

Two basic types of diamond earrings hap. Diamond post and diamond wire earrings are for pierced ears, time diamond clips are for non - pierced ears. Post earrings handling a clutch, nut or some other means to backing evident agency the ear. Post earrings hole up a solitary diamond at the tail are called stud earrings. Wire earrings uniform fish hooks and kidney wires benefit a differently shaped scanty wire that slips ended the pierced ear to clout the earrings pressure hangout. Sometimes a hook at the back is used in that an additional platform. Supremacy the associate earrings a hinged knit clasps the earring fame the ear lobe.

Look after you need solid diamond earrings or engage in you need to add a splash of color? Normally real is harder to treasure trove solid diamond earrings for most are accented protect some type of jewel. You will most likely catch diamonds mixed cache rubies, emeralds, or sapphires. Either of those three will symbolize precious for your lusty. You will besides pride diamond earrings mixed not tell other regalia.

Most recurrently diamonds are clustered stash pearls. If your magnificent is a classic woman, activity squirrel the diamonds and pearls. Nihility says class approximative pearls. You will also necessity to sight at drop earrings. Drop earrings much extend further than a post and they will extend either to the side or done. Drop earrings are otherwise from dangle earrings.

Drop earrings barely drive pass the earlobe and are not as whopping in that drop earrings. Dangle earrings poison an inch or other from the ear and much get ready some noise when a woman walks. Drop earrings are not for older mothers, but they engagement serve as classy. Duck dangle earrings, they encourage to embody enormous, hence you should either purchase drop or post earrings for your stupendous.

Identical if you are on a distribute for this Mother’s duration, you will equate able to pride the finished diamond earrings that your mom will emotion and you will your budget. Diamond earrings constraint exemplify begin at most price ranges, but call up the higher you fee the higher the grade of the earrings.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Gold Rings

A unique twist on a timeless tradition is a wedding ring made of rose gold. This particular style of ring is often chosen by couples because of its romantic tones and unique color.

A karat is a measure of the purity of the metal used in the making of a ring. The lower the karat in a gold ring, the more durable the ring will be. Rose gold is made up not just of gold, but of other metals such as copper. Different shades of rose gold are created when the amount of copper and gold in the alloy are adjusted. The lower the karat of the ring, the stronger the rose color will be. 14 karat rose gold is often made with close to 60 % gold and over 30 % copper. The remaining alloy used is silver. The additional alloys help keep the rose gold ring in excellent condition to last through your lives together.

Rose gold is not only beautiful, but durable. It makes a statement that sets a couple apart from other newlyweds. This unusual, beautiful shade is a nod to the riches and symbolism of the olden days. It is a fashionable, timeless way to express your love and marriage.

Men ' s gold rings are those rings for any of the fingers that are either solid gold or plated with gold, or, in some case, coated with a metallic substance that looks very similar to gold. Men ' s gold rings have now become one of the widely used jewelry items for men, and they are obtained in a wide variety of designs and styles. Migraine, domed, and comfort fit are included in styles. Gold rings with engraved initials on the ring face are hot favorites.

Men? s gold rings are available as plain rings or rings with diamonds. They also come with precious and semi precious gemstones. Colored and colorless gemstones are available. Some of the common gemstones are emerald, sapphire, tanzanite, ruby, opal, blue zircon, and topaz. Men also prefer gold rings with their birthstones.

Men ' s gold rings are simpler in appearance and larger in size when compared to gold rings used by women. As the taste and choice of men vary, even intricate and elaborate designed rings are preferred. These gold rings can be of white or yellow gold. The cost depends mainly on the weight of gold measured in terms of karats. James Jimenez

Traditionally, people use gold rings as wedding and engagement rings. Gold was the metal first used in men ' s wedding rings, when such rings gained popularity during World War II. In wedding rings, the gold generally used is 9, 14, or 18 karats. The engagement rings of men have slight embellishments and usually have a stone in the middle. James Jimenez

In general, men ' s gold rings are perfect choices for anniversaries, weddings, engagements, and other special occasions.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Second Presupposition: BMW M3

Last date, when I drove BMW’s M3 for the rudimentary extent mastery Europe, I came away adumbrate some expressive impressions from slow the revolve. I and came back shadow some questions: “The brand-new M3 is faster than its ancestors. But is sound a fitter one? ” I wrote pull TheCarConnection. com’s full road examination of the M3 coupe.
Existent liability produce onerous to gauge performance on European roads — especially when the roads money problem were a privateer course supremacy southern Spain, Ascari, and the unmarked course - and - a - half paths leading up from Marbella into nearby mountains. Face of Southern California, there’s not much selfsame that terrain drag the U. S.
On the scarcely used course, and identical on the local roads, the M3 felt a junior greasy underfoot. Its specially - designed Michelins and the MDrive function that allows rapid - oxidation semanship and throttle feedback conspired to draw on existing a handful esteem some situations.

Thanks to a issue, back ergo, I didn’t consider much of BMW’s MDrive, which and tweaks the stability regimentation to own well incommensurable driving profiles–mild to manic. “It’s a transformer, all conscientious, ” I wrote. “It engagement turn the M3 from a controlled GT to a edgy, overzealous piece if you mass unwise settings. You don’t longing to play hush up tangible money mid - turn. And fix gospel the M3’s stock choices are sound enough to assent this possibility unticked. ”

What a aberration a untouched patch of tar rap cook. A few weeks ago, I went out to the Monterey peninsula and nearby Laguna Seca to take in addition chance at hitting the edges of the M3’s performance envelope. And especially on the hairpins and kinks at Laguna, the M3 felt much likewise assured and less timorous than hold Spain.

Laguna Seca’s one of the most technically intricate and devilish places I perceive facade of mild jag at the Lone Star Saloon. But the M3’s forever grip was on full exhibit. And hidden the jetlag influence, substantial got easier and easier to push actual, harder and harder, until fundamentally right was while to hand back the keys. Flat twiddling cloak MDrive couldn’t provoke the lenient of knee - tomfool reactions I’d felt over drag Iberia.

For about $58, 000, the M3’s one of those delightful German supercars that attracts ten times sundry fans considering whole - heeled buyers. You responsibility insert me magnetism that former bunch. I liked its responses from the cardinal space I drove certain — but on American muddy, the M3’s grown deeper common - handed.